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Discover your church's evangelism habits and attitude towards sharing the gospel.

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How it works

5 minutes
Laptop and smartphone with a register form on the screens

01. Register your church

Get started by creating a free account and creating your first survey. Fill out a simple form or use your Google account to sign up.
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Two survey types: long and short

02. Select your survey type

There are two types of survey. Either 5 or 10 questions, your survey will be generated automatically.
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Survey list item with a share button and a share dropdown with share options

03. Share your survey to your congregation

Go to “my surveys” and discover options for sharing under the “share” button
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Charts, survey results and useful resources

04. Use the results to benchmark evangelism in your church

Develop your culture of evangelism with custom resources based on your church’s answers
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Talking Jesus Report 2022

Based on our national research led by Savanta Com Res, Discover the state of faith in the UK, how people come to faith in Jesus and how we, as the church, can talk about Jesus more effectively with our friends and in our community.

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