The Evangelism health check is an easy-to-use tool for leaders to gauge how your church feels about sharing the gospel and their evangelism habits, to encourage everyday evangelism.
Use this survey in a church or group meeting to quickly and easily benchmark where you as a church are at, and then grow your ‘culture of evangelism’ within your local church community for the sake of making Jesus known. It’s our desire to resource local churches so they can see exactly how their congregation is engaging in evangelism and equip church leaders to develop effective conversations about Jesus. Go to the login page to register and start using the Evangelism health check tool.

Talking Jesus Report 2022

Based on our national research led by Savanta Com Res, Discover the state of faith in the UK, how people come to faith in Jesus and how we, as the church, can talk about Jesus more effectively with our friends and in our community.

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